Une Belle Journée by Paul Emilien

Une Belle Journée

Paul Emilien, 2014

Nose: Patric Bodifée

Une Belle Journee Perfume by Paul Emilien

Une Belle Journée by Paul Emilien

The first whiffs that hit my nose are those of peppery flower rose, with quite intriguing and nicely captivating the attention, plastic tonalities. I would think that they would develop eventually into something of a leather quality, pleasantly cold-smelling texture of the new leather canvas. Let’s see if that is the case. For now, an additional hint of minty-mandarin, indistinguishable in their own character, yet, clearly identifiable as one concoction makes its mark on the sniffer.

With time and the arrival of the middle notes, the interplay of iris, violet, and abstract flowers takes the centre-stage. It is quite graceful and balanced an elixir, not tipping into either – iris or (abstract) flower – and managing the two floral faces of Une Belle Journée perfume in tandem; just enough to make each note appreciable, yet not allowing any of the two to egotistically push itself in front of the other.

The greater pronunciation of the iris (with some violet) in the middle parts of the composition reignited my appetite for that promise of leather I read in the plasticky tonalities of the peppery rose from the opening. However, it is clear by now, that it was more of my hunger for that ‘dirty twist’ speaking through that connotation, rather than the perfumer’s intentions. Helas!

Another aspect of Une Belle Journée from Paul Emilien which I miss, is a coda, an ending. Just like some songs are slowly muting down the volume instead of clear ending, so is the this perfume. In awaiting the base to develop, the fragrance is quietly waning down, making an unnoticed exit from the flower party, very much à l’anglaise.

Notes: lime, Turkish rose, mint, iris, mandarin orange, violet leaf, pink pepper, peony, rose, immortelle, geranium, jasmine, leather, oakmoss.

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