Amber Flash by Tauerville

Amber Flash

Tauerville, 2015

Nose: Andy Tauer

Amber Flash Perfume by Tauerville

Amber Flash Perfume by Tauerville

My first impressions of the perfume are of honey, dense and thick, sticky and gooey in the jar… Honey from woods, definitely, darker in olfactory and colour palette. And it has that soft unpolished sensation that red wine tannin leaves on the tongue… Not too strong, not acrid or bitter, somehow just not glossy-glanz…

The sweet-woody fabric of the Amber Flash fragrance is continuing half way through the 2nd hour… The sweetness does feel a little raw, consequently with the first sensations. On Kafkaesque’s blog I read about the strongly present scent of tar and creosotes, which for the author reach the unbearable level (leading eventually to a negative review of the perfume). The text has actually ignited my curiosity, as I am a great fan of the ‘nasty’, brut and brutish so to say, burnt-tarry smoky scents. But unfortunately (or not!?), Tauerville’s Amber Flash perfume is nowhere near that supposed ‘tarry brutalism’ on me. A couple of hours on, and it remains fairly ‘coy’ (in respect of that implied harshness from the cited blog) and there is nothing of the brazenness I envisaged. At most, Amber Flash fragrance is a bit unpolished on the outside, laving me with a little raucous veneer, raw like a cut wooden board awaiting process of burnishing the surface. And although the amber scents are usually associated with rounded, full, rich performance, the lack of thereof may actually be Tauerville’s twist on the genre of ‘amber’ perfumes. And importantly, although playing up on the similar notes, Amber Flash is not similar to Vanilla Flash (And very well so! It would be too predictably boring, if they did!).

Final remarks: in the dry-down I can smell labdanum. Finally! In the last whips of life to the perfume, labdanum brings on that touch of animalistic effervescent to this Tauer perfume. And oh I so wish this wilder and ‘dirtier’ facet came earlier for my enjoyment. I would have loved the fragrance even more so, if that animalistic naughtiness was played up on a higher volume, and earlier on!

Notes: Benzoin, Vanilla, Ambreine, Labdanum, Sandalwood, Cashmeran, Patchouli

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