Bond No. 9 Signature Scent

Bond No. 9 Signature Scent Perfume

Bond No. 9, 2009

Nose: Laurent Le Guernec

Bond No. 9 by Bond No. 9

Bond No. 9

Rose Oud. No more, no less; but is it enough? Quite the similar approach as one in my preferred Rose d’Arabie in Armani Privée collection of olfactory creations. However, in comparison, Bond No. 9 Perfume is for me… well, just less… Less opulent, less extrovert, less over the top, less ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn!’, less self-indulgent… Yep, a straightforward rose on oud. Pleasant, by all means, and enjoyable to wear while the sample lasts. But I do not think there will be much room in my dreamed-up perfume collection for this one, since the competition in the rose department is pretty fierce!

When more is more, and less… just less, I think the only escape form the ‘rose trap’ (how one can even start conceding of a rose perfume when ‘rose perfume’ is inevitably so cliché always already!?) is to go bold and extravagant, or have exceptionally good trick up the sleeve when taking minimalist or less ‘baroque’ take on the rose perfumery.

 Both are actually pretty tough tasks and approaches, with their pros and cons, no doubt. Rose scents in perfumery are as old as we know of each of them. And for this reason this is both, a blessing and a course. Blessing, for there have been so many different explorations of this flower, unfolding so many different facets it has. It is also a curse, for it seems that ‘everything has been said, everything that could possibly be imagined about a rose. And on top of everything else, there is also the curse the neoliberal capitalism – the insatiable hunger for evermore profit-making of the perfume corporations, just killed the rose! As human species systematically destroy the Earth in their reckless and completely unimaginable exploitation of natural resources for the benefit of the private mega-conglomerate corporations, stirring us towards the gloomy future (I have no doubts about that!), – so is the rose totally trashed, rendered kitsch and obnoxious, vulgar, hackneyed by so many (commercial) uses and abuses.

How do we even start thinking about the rose fragrances that would not be cliché? I don’t know. Let’s just hope the art in olfactory creation will yet to prove itself as imaginary-full to surprise us with some gracious, nuanced, (new and) curious takes on the rose.

Notes: oud, rose, tonka bean and musk

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