Silvan by Rouge Bunny Rouge


Rouge Bunny Rouge, 2013

Nose: ?

Silvan Perfume by Rouge Bunny Rouge

Silvan Perfume by Rouge Bunny Rouge

Mmmm, teasing…!! And tempting! Juniper with pepper is a wonderful combination here, lifted up by grapefruit notes for the welcoming opening. Juniper as cedarwood – that kind of inky woodiness… (A little surprising to have that base into the head! But hey! I am not to complain about that nice twist!)

Urghh… The opening does not live up to itself. Where Silvan ends up for me right now, are the same facets as of Encre Noir by Lalique, and of Comme des Garçones’  Wonderwood. With one important (and discouraging) difference: Silvan feels scaled down.

After a while, now in the heart stage, I can sense some potential for further development of this offering form Rouge Bunny Rouge. Will the heart of the perfume gets more complex and captivating rich, as the frankincense and guaiac wood embalm the previous, dry and austere head notes, into tentatively warm and resinous blazer?

After a couple of hours, there is no scent left on my forearm, I’m afraid. Ah well, not all things with a promise at the outset,  must lead to the satisfying end of the journey, it would seem… After all, perfumery is chemistry. And apparently, between me and Silvan, we just don’t have that sparkle between us…

Notes: Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, Pepper // Incense, Guaiac Wood // Cedarwood, Musk, Patchouli

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