Lumière Blanche by Olfactive Studio

Lumière Blanche

Olfactive Studios, 2012

Nose: Sidonie Lancesseur

Lumiere Blanche Perfume by Olfactive Studio

Lumiere Blanche Perfume by Olfactive Studio

The first snow is about milk and warmth and sweetness of hatred (of hot milk froth that solidifies on the top of your mug…!) Then, hints of cardamom cooked on milk come around, but as soon as it’s done, milk evaporates, leaving the impression of cardamom pumped up with aldehydes, sort of thing. All is rather forceful, but only momentarily, and then again, gentleness returns. I don’t sense any cinnamon and start anise as distinctly individual notes, however, their listed presence is the most likely explanation of the gentle warmth and impressions of silkiness of the fragrance at the outset of the Lumière Blanche.

Instantaneously almost, the top notes faded in the speed of light, giving reign to the iris. At first, orris is rather strong, and only few moments later, it slips into bouquet of shimmering flowery composition, lucid but tangible, with cardamom lingering. ‘Orrisness’ is ruling the kingdom of Lumière Blanc and so the mildmilk spice is no more.

Almost an hour into the wearing of the fragrance, something intangibly… as if juicy… pops up. It is actually a nice change, as iris on its own is not a note that touches me in any particular way… If anything, I only struggle to shed of my mind’s tricks of lurking memories  cornering the always already cliché imaginary of ‘my mother’s powered box’… (yawn…)

After 1.5h the King Iris loosens its grip on the kingdom of White Light, charmed and bewitched by the sweet (must be Tonka bean) and musky transparency.

Olfactive Studio’s Lumière Blanche is truly light like light (couldn’t resist, sorry!) and it travels at the speed of light too! After an hour, one starts feeling like chasing the reminiscence of scent, rather that the scent itself… But perhaps that’s the whole thing about the light – to be light!

As a post scriptum, I should add that the first time I tried the perfume, it left me with no strong impressions, which felt disappointing. Trying it again recently to complete this review, I think more of it, and definitely not as disappointment! Would it be that I have learned something through this year? To be more open to delicate and fragile compositions, and look not always only for defined, rich, and opulent olfactory statements…?

Lumière Blanche is not how I associate white colour, which to me is more on a cold end of spectrum, more sharp and lab like. The warmth sets it out for shades of creams and ecru, sunlight, pale yellowish… It was, nonetheless, an interesting day to wear this scent; letting it slowly work its way through me; and allowing me to work my way through it…

Notes: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Star anise // Iris, Cashmere wood, Almond // Musk, Sandalwood, Cedar, Tonka bean

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