Central Park South by Bond No. 9

Central Park South Perfume

Bond No. 9

Nose: ?, 2013

Central Park South Perfume by Bond No. 9

Central Park South Perfume by Bond No. 9

Big, lingering, but transparent ‘white floral’ perfume. From the very first spritz, suggested both the head and the heart notes are intensely present. Jasmine is particularly well pronounced, rounded up with a touch of grapefruit flower. To flesh out a little body to the fragrance there is also fruity sweetness of black current, but then again… It is all further lifted up into the flower garden enchanted by the lily of the valley accord and ylang ylang.
The initial sillage is intense and the flowers keep punching my nose from afar all the time during the initial half an hour.
There is also something of a ‘dry air of ironed cloths’ fiddling in the far away, like a mirage. Oh, and something of a make-up kit my mum used and kept in the bathroom closet when I was a kiddo.
Yes, definitely a floral I can imagine my mum wearing…

Mmm, the silkiness has evaporated into the thin air… and the Central Park South perfume from Bond no. 9 has become a little more dense and full-bodied. The dominance of jasmine is still there: it presents itself a little heavier, just as one would expect from the ‘heart’ phase into the perfume lifespan.

Initially, I was a little afraid of this perfume… All-floral perfumes are a little hard for me… I try to engage with them, to understand what is going on, to appreciate the idea and effort, but in most cases I fail miserably, as most I can usually say about them – is either ‘nice, floral’ or ‘’meh, floral’… struggling to find more words, and crucially: substance! to write about…. Perhaps floral fragrances are my aporia, after all. Perhaps all I can say, after all, is that flowery perfumes ‘are nice’ or not so nice (to my individual nose, that is! – I wouldn’t dare to make any grand universalizing claims here! It is only well too obvious that scentology and perfumery is highly personal and individualistic premise – no matter how popular (on a mass scale) perfumes and fragrances may later prove themselves to be, or for how long they may be resonating with tastes and gusta of people across decades of time – the all game boils down, at the ned of the day, to personal likes and dislikes…

By now, the perfume would have entered the base notes phase, allowing the sandalwood and cedar to present themselves in combination with animalistic musk (the three are listed as baselines). Hopefully it is due to the longevity of the perfume that this is not yet happening, but is still to come… Otherwise, I would be very disappointed if the Central Park South perfume would collapse radically without offering gracious staging out….

Well, the dry-down is after all a little disappointing. since the opening and heart were so vigorous and vivacious, pummelling the nose with all the flower-power, the way the perfume concludes and disappears from the ball is a little too snappy and ashamed, somehow incongruous with the previous bold and proud presence in the limelight of attention… In other words, what I get is very faint sandalwood and reminiscence of jasmine (which is safe to say, it totally determined this perfume from Bond no. 9 house).

Ah towards the very end of the day the fragrance livens up again! How nice to shred that earlier feeling of disappointment! The Central Park South finally managed to offer that something curiously attention-grasping. As the scent faints, and after the moment of unremarkable (as my sentence above clearly points it out!), the perfume’s swan’s song proved itself not to be dismissed too early!
(Oh, the fragrance has also a wonderful longevity, still lingering on my arm the next morning)

Notes: Grapefruit blossom, Black currant, Green ivy // Jasmine, Ylang ylang, Narcissus, Lily of the valley // Sandalwood bark, Cedar, Animalistic musk

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