Panorama by Olfactive Studio

Perfume review of Panorama by Olfactve Studio (2015)

Nose: Clement Gavarry

Panorama Perfume by Olfactive Studio

Panorama Perfume by Olfactive Studio

Herbaceous, green-grassy, dump, boozy opening after which a sweet touch encircles the scent of Panorama in a leisurely paste. Grassy tone disappears and the fragrance reveals more green-cologne facet than green-grass one of the likes of e.g. Guerlain’s Erba Fresca.
(On this note: it is more similar to Teazzuro, herbaceous-aquatic-fresh, but actually on a  distinctly sweeter than grassier, plateau).

To me, something almost flowery follows up in Panorama’s opening sequence. As such, nothing of ‘wasabi’ (if we take that it stands for tangy and harsh sensation) is there at all. That flowery rounding stays strong and dominant for ca. 15min. After that, a lemon curd (sweet-zesty background: think of ripe lemon, not of its peel) forms around the flowery bouquet.

Closing the first hour, the perfume’s strength clearly fades away, which worries me a little and I hope it will not disappear too quickly. (Can’t shake off the illusion of Guerlain’s Teazurro… Very similar, too similar…). After another two hours, Olfactive Studio’s Panorma fragrance is imploding quite significantly, sadly, and disappointedly.

Deeper notes slowly wake up, some transformation is under the hood. The main thing is that the subtly flowery formation is gone, and tangibly more herbaceous facets return, albeit not as defined, and without a clear character, as the first touches. At this point, the musk of the base is the dominating trace on my skin…

Overall, Panorama  unfortunately didn’t win my heart as another perfume from Olfactive Studio, namely: Ombre Indigo (a little wonder!). It has an interesting and promising preamble that too quickly and too soon fades away on my skin, lulled in not very characterful fragrant sensation of the generic, ‘all blended’ scent of herba-ozonic freshness.

Notes: Wasabi, Fig leaf, Bamboo leaf, Bergamot, Lemon // Cut grass, Violet leaf, Galbanum, Cardamom // Myrrh, Fir balm, Patchouli, Tonka bean, Vanilla, Musk, Labdanum

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Panorama Perfume by Olfactive Studio

Panorama Perfume by Olfactive Studio


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