PG10 Aomassaï by Parfumerie Générale


Aomassaï by Parfumerie Générale

PG10 Aomassaï

PG Collection, Parfumerie Générale, 2006

Nose: Pierre Guillaume

Notes: Coffee, Caramel, Toasted hazelnut, Vetiver, Tolu, Bitter orange, Cashmeran, Incense, Licorice, Wenge, Herbs, Resins

Grand opening: laurel and spice drawer! Hmmmmm, and then… dark toffee coffee, all together rather dusty and arid. Half an hour on, and a subtly and a pale sweetness commences to slowly building up on the perfume’s scaffolding. I rather love this spice drama, sending you over to perhaps unexpected (well, quite usual in some other ‘niche perfume’ circles 😉 and intriguing shores. Precisely because of that spice-drawer character rather than ‘spicy fragrance’, Aomassaï may surly come across as off-putting, or unappetizing (pun intended!). But that is the whole point of curious niche perfumery, is it not? All in all, incontestably this is my kind of thing in the world of olfactory wonders of perfumery.
An hour later, a facet of liquorice appears, gracefully mutating from the original scent blast of the spice drawer. It is perhaps not a surprise, if we consider that sweet-salty melange that teases the nose after one opens that drawer… and which is also very much the characteristics of liquorice.
Unfortunately, Aomassaï has no longevity on my skin at all. Soon after the curious little liquorice got my olfactory attention, the perfume recedes.
After an hour of the fragrance implosion, when it completely folded itself to barely detectable whiff, when I have lost all hope, something new peeps up. And well, well, it is rather intriguing creature… Quite literally, for it is of an animalistic ilk…
But oh well, soon again, my hopes got all burned down with the faint life of the Aomassaï on me. It just does not hold on me, quick and faint touch. I am disappointed, as I would like it to last longer, I would like it to play more with my olfactory expectations, to tease and surprise, or just simply comfort. But unfortunately, this like many other compositions from either of the Pierre Guillaume’s lines (Parfumerie Générale, Huitième Art, Phaedon) – it just does not stick on my skin.

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