George by Jardins d’écrivains



Jardins d’écrivains

Nose: Anaïs Biguine, 2012

Another composition from Jardins d’ecrivains unbolts with bergamot and neroli, immediately straight on ‘heavy’ background… You can feel George will have dense heart, thick, plush sequencing, nothing of ‘light and delicate’ nature. Neroli crevice brightens the initial impressions, but it is far from making this fragrance a ’gossamer’; George has a bitter opening of bergamot over the delicacy of neroli. What this opening sequence reminds me of is a turkish barber’s cologne: sharp, pungent, and unforgiving. And all this is very satisfying and pleasant.

Quickly, after just a couple of minutes of a slow, unhurried manner, a whiff of tobacco is climbing up to a surface of the hesperidic opening. First gently plodding, the heart notes of George from Jardins d’ecrivains linger in the background for a while. They make themselves visible (sniffable?) but are not pushing forward, waiting patiently for others to make space for them. No vigorous ‘claiming’ of space by pushing forwards with elbows and kicks…

2h later, the fully developed tobacco reigns this offering from Jardins d’écrivians: the cologne-style bergamot-neroli mixture has evaporated, and a deeper, darker, more complex tobacco takes over. Not overpowered with vanilla (thank goddess! there are so many tobacco-centred perfumes that just kill that wonderful fragrance with the overdose of vanilla…) As in the good scented tobacco blend – a touch of vanilla to build up an aroma is most welcomed, but only as a supporting statement, a helping note. For when there is too much of it, the whole composition becomes just too flat and sweetly unappealing. in the case of George, it is heliotrope that offers a touch of subtle sweetness, but has no ambition to battle with the tobacco over the attention of the person wearing the perfume. (No coffee in the heart notes for me at all.)

George perfume gracefully dries down on my skin, sillage is weakening, but the airy myrrh undertones of tobacco persist…

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Jardins d’écrivains’ ‘George’


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