Orlando by Jardins d’écrivains



Jardins d’écrivains

Nose: Anaïs Biguine, 2012

Orlando at the outset has a strong, punchy toot of ‘soapy cleanness’, soon underlined by wax-like sensation. Accompanied by equally strong whizz of perfume in the room (sillage), this literary voyage from Jardins d’écrivains definitely makes an entry! (Unfortunately, I am just not sure if this is my kind of entrée…). As the first impressions keep energetically hitting my nostrils, I cannot smell any ginger, orange, or pink pepper, all listed as the top notes. Perhaps it is the chemistry of my skin that produces totally different chemical composition to what these notes would suggest on paper?

After few minutes of wearing Orlando, the first kick of that soapy waxiness is fading away, making space (finally) for something like honeyed ginger olfactory impressions. The soapiness, for a brief moment, calmed down to resemble iris, and then it’s gone. Now, the new big arrival grows up, and quickly takes over anything else: patchouli. After a moment, the soapy clean ‘fragrance’ wins a bottle with patchouli and comes to the front again for a brief olfactory moment. Patchouli, quickly pulling itself together fights back, and there it is. Patchouli, patchouli, patchouli.

Jardins d’écrivains’ Orlando could now be renamed to Patchouli! It is totally overbearing on my skin. And all I can think of, are all those ‘Indian’ shops with the mass manufactured ‘arts&crafts’ from India, which always and inevitably smell of patchouli mixed with cheap sandalwood incense. (And if it is part of the charm of those shops, I am not sure if I am charmed by this over-intensity in the case of Orlando perfume).

Few hours later, and not much is moving on in the way Orlando develops. Patchouli still dominates, but it has loosen its grip and soothes itself with something like a ‘subtle sweet delicacy’. no more any developments on my skin. The next day, the scent is softened, no patchouli anymore (I won’t say I am not happy, for how long can one bear it!?), kind of delicately woody mutter at the root of the generic ‘flower’ composition. Final note about the longevity – wow! It is super long – I woke up the next day and still was able to pick up that post-patchouli scent…

Please see George (of George Sand), another offering from the Jardins d’écrivains.

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Jardins d’écrivains’ ‘Orlando’


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