Foudre by Pierre Guillaume



PG Pierre Guillaume La Collection Croisière / Cruise Collection

Nose: Pierre Guillaume, 2015

Foudre, (fr. lightning) unlike its name may suggest, has a delicate, floral opening. For me it is chewy-sweet, ‘mouth-watering’ (to use commercials lingo), lollipop-like, faintly citrusy sweetness of watermelon and confectionary. As the top notes evaporate, after few minutes  of wearing the perfume on my skin, the ‘floral juiciness’ dries out, leaving behind powdery residue, and ‘dry’ evocation of ‘zesty flower’ (can’t stop thinking about ‘Super 5’ watermelon chewing-gums… same smell!). It has quite strong sillage.

Foudre, one from La Collection Croisière from Pierre Guillame’s Parfumerie General is surprising in that the name does not matches the scent; an hour or so into wearing Foudre on my skin, the sweetness of the top note mellows, and some thin thin dry hint of vetiver mixes into the flowery tone, making it a tad bit less sweet-flowery, and a bit more bitter-flowery on a dry powdery base. I smell no individual pepper notes, but they possibly contribute to the transitioning effect of the opening sweet accords into more dry ones.

It is only now that some of the ‘ozonic’ elements of the Foudre La Collection Croisière emerge from below the flowery base. In principium, I do not like these ‘fresh’, ‘ozonic’, ‘marine’ notes (thank you high-street perfume shops for effectively killing in me any wish to get those on my skin! The horrendous stink of the mass produce is something that has been inscribed too heavily into my memory). However, and thank goddess, the ‘ozonic’ freshness in Foudre is not too prominent and somehow skilfully reworked by Pierre Guillaume to at least not be discomforting here.

Later on, and finally, Foudre becomes redolent of the marine cruise, to signify that Cruise Collection it belongs to, with the reminiscent of the ‘rain fresh’ momentum in the air.

Finally, if there was anything vetiver’ish to this fragrance’s heart note, it is definitely not there anymore, and anyway it was hardly distinguishable as an individual note in the first place, and leaves no traces whatsoever after few hours on. Nothing of the sweetness is left, which s good I to my nose, as it was a bit too much at one point. Conversely, the ‘ozonic freshness’ lingers on. It is not off-putting, but neither it is particularly appealing.

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PG Pierre Guillaume’s Cruise Collection ‘Foudre’


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