Autoportrait by Olfactive Studio



Olfactive Studio

Nose: Natalie Lorson, 2011

Another of Olfactive Studio’s perfumes sets out with a peppery, ‘nose swirling’ sensation, although without any pepper. It also has something zesty to it (thanks to the bergamot in the opening sentence), which of course combines well into the pummeling ‘fresh’ accords. It is a serrated entry, which I rather like, even though it is also quite classical entrée to many ‘woody’ fragrances.

A moment later, Autoportrait then shows its properly wooden facet in the scent of a ‘classroom’ in an old school, full of old and dry wood and chalkboard powder everywhere. The sensation I have (as many others) is that of ‘pencil shavings’, which  is pretty good description of my olfactory impressions. The zesty’ness is still there, but as times goes by, the  nose swirling peppery testy’ness fades away, leaving the ‘pencil shavings’ as the dominant sensation in this Olfactive Studio’s offering.

Slowly, in an unhurried manner the sharp pencil becomes softer and rounder on the edges; finally, nothing is left of the razor-sharp rayon. In the spaced created a sweetness of some kind grows steadily, likely to be that benzoin listed in the heart notes. La douce remains quite tame and uncharacteristic though, unlike its accords so far. With time, Autoportrait becomes progressively bleak, like the portraits on the old photographs: whitening up, loosing their contours in the hazy clouding. Later on, in the last phases of its dry-down, what lingers on my forearm is some sort of weak and almost ‘hidden’ trail of woodenness, with an impression of some kind artificial/‘chemical’ compound. One also has to recognise that Autoportrait has exceptional longevity: the morning after, I am still able to whiff some fragrant traces on it on my arm, a fact well deserving a praise.

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Olfactive Studio’s ‘Autoportrait’


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