Ombre Indigo by Olfactive Studio


Ombre Indigo

Olfactive Studio

Nose: Mylène Alran, 2014

Ombre Indigo’s opening sequences are rather captivating, immediately grabbing my attention, with a pleasant ‘oh!’. The smokiness and some leathery ‘ness to it comes together with (surprising, or not?!) some ‘cologne’ sparkles to it. Of course, this is due to the bitter-citrusy petitgrain in this Olfactive Studio’s offering.

Over the next few minutes nothing is changing, the composition just lets us enjoy it unhurriedly, assured of its own ability to impress and be enjoyed. An hour later, Ombre Indigo continues on the same notes of citrysy-smokiness. The heart notes should have already developed, but on my skin somehow the strong opening punch remains as it was from the beginning, only perhaps a little more richer (would that be the inclusion of the heart notes of tuberose, saffron, and plum?). However, the character remains strongly (and no less pleasantly) the same!

Olfactive Studio’s beautifully coloured Ombre Indigo conveys also something ‘chemical’ in the created scent, but by no means it is something bad. To the contrary – as the fantastic indigo colour conveys the science of careful mixing of pigments, and so in here it is noted as a carefully crafted and measured fragrance. That mechanics of Ombre Indigo  that artificial leather’ly lethargy without pretending is what makes it so appealing.

Olfactive Studio’s take on somke and leather (in a car-repair garage) reminds me of olfactory impressions from Encre Noir by Lalique and Robert Piguet’s Bandit – all of them are reworking the vetiver, benzoin, musks, incense, ambergris in their take on ‘leather/smoke’. All have their own idea how to do it, and each of the three, I must say, does it splendidly.

Note on longevity: after several hours, the quite punchy tones soften, even made me think en passant of the flowery rounding. The morning after, I can still whiff traces lingering on my skin.

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Olfactive Studio’s Ombre Indigo


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