Palo Santo by Carner Barcelona

iu-6 Palo Santo

Carner Barcelona

Nose: Shyamala Maisondieu, 2015

Carner’s Palo Santo opens as a strong boozy spiced rum opening sequence, then a whip of alcohol, then a whip of burned wooden stick – all of a sudden, in an momentary flash and disappearance. Hmmm, shall I say it is more interesting than I have expected from having read some reviews on other perfume blogs…

Curiously, the very thin smoked whiff comes up but only momentarily, only oh so swiftly and delicately and for millisecond. Palo Santo’s opening remains overall sweet and candy-flossed all around. Surprisingly, I don’t mind that sweetness, even though I ain’t a person with a nose for sweet fragrances. (I just am not, no matter how strong I try, sweet smelling just doesn’t do it for me). Palo Santo, however, somehow doesn’t bother me with its douce. Perhaps because it derives from guaiac wood? 30 min on, and this is the for now the most dominating note on my skin. Supposedly there should be the ‘warm milk’ but for me it is more the sugar flossed guaiac wood rather than anything else. I suppose that’s what rounds up in one word of burned sugar aka ‘caramel’.

2h later, Carner’s Palo Santo makes a brief U-turn, and in a quick flashback reminiscences of the opening notes return, that boozy spiced rum. A ice surprise, a little awakening after wooing me around with anima dulcis that is at this Carner’s heart.

A rather good sillage for now.

5h on, and the sillage is worn off, the perfume fainted away and so is the douce of its caramel’s wooing. but I have to give it to the Carner that although the sillage is gone, the longevity is rather good. 8h since I have sprayed and after a shower, the perfume still lingers on, if I press my nose onto my arm’s skin. It may be that my particular skin’s chemical composition just doesn’t react with the used quantities of the base notes’ oils and extracts, but I could not feel any base at all. All day was wrapped up in the heart of caramel and guaiac wood that somehow it didn’t allow the bases to develop at all. A little odd, as vetiver and cedarwood are usually well pronounced on my skin, and since these are also one of my favorite components, I would definitely be able to notice them (if they were there!)

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