L’Humaniste by Frapin




Nose: Sidonie Lancesseur, 2009.

L’Humaniste kicks off with lemon, bergamot, cardamom and pepper (not clear the ‘red berries’ for me). Quite quickly the melange of distinctive traces blends in, and this Frapin’s offer brings up more of a ‘classic’ in style cologne, just not heavy on bergamot.

The zesty lightness and delicacy of top notes evaporates after a few moments, opening up more ‘bitter’ and ‘drier’ whiffs in the palette. From the top notes of L’Humaniste only bergamot remains, now with an additional accompaniment of nutmeg. As the times goes by, the fragrance softens and gets more dry in sensation.

L’Humaniste from Frapin is a gently pleasing cologne, but of course should be considered along other offers in the ‘cologne’ and ‘citrusy’/’herbaceous’ department. It is probably a little more interesting to me than Neroli Oud from Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger, but can it beat Aqua di Parma’s Colonia? Or timeless Eau Sauvage from Dior?

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