Nanban by Arquiste




Nose: Rodrigo Flores-Roux, 2015

The perfume opens with sweat leather’ly tones, enriched with gently animalistic undertones, which emerge after few moments. Nanban captures very pleasant first impressions.

Arquiste’s offering has a strong impact silage: two sprays and the room is full of sweaty leather scent. Irreversibly it brings to my mind my first ‘animal’ perfume – Robert Piguet’s Cravache, in its delightful raw animalism. Sadly, for I like that undertone, the animalistic note quickly disappears

Although oud (agarwood) is not mentioned, the overall ‘sweetness’ of leather very much reminds me of this kind of pairing present among many other perfumes of the similar type. Really just a sweet’ish leather’ly scent that remains… All the ingredients come across to me as ‘one’ and I struggle with distinguishing the individual traces. It’s not necessarily an accusation, but as a final effect, Nanban comes across as just OK’ish leather’ly fragrance  that brings no individual specimen into the ‘leather game’ among the fragrances…

(Note: sillage is still strong, nice!) Morning of the day after – with my nose on the skin, I whiff a reminiscence of a parfum douce…

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