Shermine by Huitième Art



Huitième Art

Nose: Pierre Guillaume, 2015

Shermine has a very quick opening in zestyness, which immediately develops into iris. Then slowly argumée returns as a slight and delicate undertone for the iris.

Heart notes are there, and I am able to whiff a rosewood and a lavender there, with a cardamon note most problematic, as I don’t get it at all (and mind you, I am a big fun of cardamon!). As Shermine grows, the lavender and iris become the two dominant traits in this Huitième Art offering. It also has rather strong sillage; I can feel the iris notes all around the room for now (nice!)

When the heart fades away, and the base notes emerge slowly, the tone of Shermine warms up, becomes more suede. Would it be vanilla and patchouli notes kicking off? (Even though I cannot smell them ‘directly’ yet). Plus, some very delicate vetiver is present in the undertones.

Further along , vetiver really takes over the dry down of this Huitième Art offering, any momentary sweetness long gone. Patchouli is undetectable to my nose, but some ‘chemical’, soap-ice aspect has appeared, something off-vetiver, perhaps white musk? As it dies down, it looses its charm in my opinion, and becomes too ‘ordinary’ ‘feminine’ scent. But then it may be not the perfume’s fault, but the general overuse of the similar compositions in ‘feminine fragrances’ (which is no good at all…)

Final note: Shermine has a very long longevity – next day at midday, it was till on my skin! (And the very gentle iris returned! yay!)

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