PG26 Isparta by Parfumerie Generale


PG26 Isparta

Parfumerie General

Nose: Pierre Guillaume, 2014

Isparta opens with a punch of rose, and then immediately something else appears… It’s hard for me to say what it is, but it kind of smells of savoury food traces left on a silver knife… (Luckily it quickly disappears).  Top notes are apparently red berries, but unless that strange smell is what ‘red berries’ smell like, I can’t whiff anything that would bring the ‘berries’ to me in this perfume.

Parfumerie General’s Isparta, as a rose fragrance, is not as bold, intensive, and dominant as Armani/Privé’s Rose d’Arabie (one of my favourites!), but it is nothing that I would hold against that perfume. There is less punch and less kick, true, but the rose of PG26 Isparta does remain sharply defined, to the glory of both! Another reminiscent rose appears after a while, also from Parfumerie General, the Brulure de Rose. That oddly captivating metallic taste, salty and bizarre a bit, but luckily not too imposing.

(Longevity note: after 4h the perfume is fading away, and to smell the rose on my skin, I need to rub my nose onto my arm to sense it).

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PG26, ‘Isparta’


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